Honeywell School



Dear Parents and Carers,

Next week we will be launching our annual parents’ questionnaire.  We are genuinely interested in engaging with parents to get feedback about your experience of the schools.  Of course, if there is an issue with any specific aspect of class life for your child, we hope you would discuss this initially with the class teacher.  We can often put strategies in places to overcome many simple issues, so a face to face meeting is very productive.

In the questionnaire we are interested to find out the schools areas of strength and the areas you feel that we could work on, to ensure your child and you as parent get the very best out of life at Honeywell.

In the past, parents have raised issues such as school lunches, sports provision, communication, after school clubs, challenge for able pupils and the school payment system.  We have consequently worked on these areas as a direct response to feedback in the survey.

The questionnaire also asks parents to grade the school on a number of questions, these are the same questions Ofsted ask when they inspect schools.  We ask you to identify which year group your child is in so we can see which comments are relevant to each year group, but the questionnaire is completely anonymous. 

We hope that as many parents as possible will complete the questionnaire, either on paper or online

The online survey will go live from Monday 4th February and will remain open for two weeks.  The paper survey will be available outside the classes at parents’ evenings and from the office throughout the week before haf term.

Please drop the completed paper questionnaires into the trays outside the classes or return them to the office by Friday 15th February.  The online survey can be found at

In previous years we have noticed a reduction in the number of responses from parents.  It would be particularly helpful if this year we had a really good response.

Thank you in advance for your feedback.


Yours faithfully,

Jane Neal & Duncan Roberts