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Governing Body

The day to day running of each school is managed by the head teachers, and the strategic direction is overseen by the governing body. Governors can be parents, ex parents, members of the local community and are joined by the head teachers and selected members of staff.

The governing body is split into various committees which meet twice each term. The committees have specific roles as follows:

The Curriculum Committee is responsible for reviewing the teaching and learning in our schools and for monitoring the results and progress of children.

The Finance and Premises Committee provides support and guidance on matters relating to the financial well-being of the schools and to the maintenance and development of the premises and grounds, including Health and Safety. 

The Pupil Welfare Committee is responsible for ensuring that the welfare of all Honeywell children is of the highest priority. It is responsible for overseeing policies covering Child Protection, Behaviour & Discipline and Anti-Bullying.

The Human Resources Committee reviews the school policies relating to staffing and recruitment; it oversees the staff appraisal process and matters relating to Governor recruitment, training and administration. The committee is also responsible for the Governors’ Newsletter.

Governors List 2019-2020

Governors Newsletter 2019

Board of Governors Attendance 2017-18

PW&C Attendance 2017/2018.

HR Committee Attendance - 2017


You can contact the Governing Body by email at