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Early Years Foundation

The Reception and Nursery classes are part of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), where the curriculum consists of seven areas of learning and development:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development - developing confidence and independence as part of a group
  • Communication and Language - communicating with one another through speaking and listening skills
  • Literacy - developing early skills in reading and writing
  • Maths - learning about number, quantity, measurement, shape and space
  • Understanding the World - investigating and beginning to understand the things, places and people around the local community
  • Physical Development - improving control and coordination of the body and learning to move and handle equipment efficiently
  • Expressive Arts and Design - finding ways to communicate by using colour, shape, sound, texture, dance, movement, role play and stories.

Children in Reception class learn through a range of activities, which include self-directed spontaneous play, planned focused teaching and learning activities, exploration, experimentation, discussion and investigation. Much of the learning is practical and based on real life experiences.

Assessment of children working in the seven areas of learning and development is through observation by the class teacher and well trained support staff. Observations made throughout the year inform the final assessment at the end of Reception. The class teachers will talk to each parent about their child's progress at parent/teacher consultations.

After a year in Reception class children move on to Year 1, when they study the National Curriculum.

To find out more about the Infant curriculum please speak to Fiona Arnold or Sarah Phillips.